We supply and install a range of automatic entry systems, which can be adapted to any requirements.

Swing Doors

We offer a range of operators that automate swing doors.

The full-energy version is our most versatile option and can be used for a wide variety of doors. Our low-energy option moves slowly and can be operated via a button, so is perfect for environments – such as hospitals and care homes – where disabled and slow moving people need access.

We also offer a fire door operator – that closes automatically in case of fire – and a SAFE version, which operates through spring force rather than mains power, meaning it still works in the event of a power cut.   

We can fit an operator to an existing door, or supply as part of a whole new entry system.

Bi-Folding Doors

When you need internal doors, space is often at a premium, which makes folding doors an ideal solution. Our folding doors fold inwards, allowing you to retain almost the full width of the passageway, and can be one or two-sided.

We can also supply an emergency version, which switches into a swing door during an emergency. When pressed against this opens in the direction of escape to form an exit route.

Sliding Door System

This system uses modular construction principles, which means shorter installation times and reduced service and maintenance costs. We can adapt this system to suit a wide range of requirements – such as sliding, telescopic and curved doors – whilst largely retailing common components.

This system also boasts interactive communication, simplified commissioning, intuitive control, almost soundless operation and greatly enhanced operational safety and reliability.


Bespoke systems

We have a production facility where we manufacture our own aluminium doors and shopfronts. This allows us to make a product that matches your exact requirements.

If you have questions about our products – or would like to see brochures – please call us on 01236 306505, or email info@dasco-et.co.uk